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The fairy-tale organ and the dumpling-eater organ are barrel organs and the most popular models.
The princess of the fairy-tale organ throws the golden ball into the frog`s mouth, and the hen lays the golden eggs (ball) into her hand again.
The dumpling-eater is continually eating dumplings which he actually swallows.
The dumplings roll into the figure´s stomach, and are again lifted onto the spoon and then to the mouth.
On the barrel there is space for seven songs, which were composed and arranged by outstanding musicians. In addition, older songs included were arranged in a modern, witty style.
Every song plays for 40 seconds. The repertoire ranges from old folksongs to modern songs, all from Europe.
Each customer can also propose a new song, which then is arranged for the organ.
(See song-indicator of an organ being sent to Japan)

Fairy-tale organ "European-Medieval"

Fairy-tale organ "1001 nights"

barrel organ

Dumpling Eater Organ

Back view with barrel

Brief Description of the Fairy-tale Organ
The machine with mechanical figures is used as a coin-operated machine behind glass, and as a hand organ as well.
The music-producing parts of the mechanical barrel-organ correspond closely to traditional construction and consist of:
with seven tunes and mechanism which changes the position of the Pin-Barrel after each tune.
Song-Indicator the hand shows the title of the tunes.
Key Frame with 34 keys.
Sound Capability 24 tones, 2 octaves + F-sharp, E-flat and B. CFG bass with octave support. Two registers, one of which (the octave) is controlled by the barrel.
Double acting bellows 4 chambers and reservoir 80mm WS air-pressure.
Wind chest with slider and outputs for movement of figures and sound effects.
The following figures are in constant motion (when the organ is running):
turns his head from left to right.
fans the king and tickles his nose when the king turns toward him.
throws the ball into the frog`s mouth.
Controlled by the barrel (briefly, and compatible with the song):
1 Dragon: roars, opens its mouth (sound-effect: reed pipe)
2 Bird: twitters, a small door in the tower opens, the bird looks out,
flaps its wings and opens its beak
(sound-effects: pipe with wheel which produces a quavering sound)
3 Stork: rapidly opens and closes its beak
(sound-effects: boards rapidly hitting each other)
4 Prince: strikes the dragon with his sword (sound-effects: cymbal)
5 Ghost: appears suddenly from behind the tower and wails
(sound-effects: piston-whistle)
6 Young boy: strikes the bell with a hammer (sound-effects: bell)
Organ: width 70cm, depth 40cm, height 70cm, weight: 27kg
Glass case: 50kg
Table: 17kg
The building of an organ takes 10 months, 1 person.
View from below

Diagram with sound effects and movements:
1. twittering whistle (bird),
2. primary axle for continuous
3. bellows for ghost,
4. dragon`s voice,
5. piston whistle for ghost,
6. drive for princess,
7. bellows for ball transport,
8. bellows for prince
9. movement for king and servant,
10. stork`s beak-clapping sound,
11. noise for prince.
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