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Organ with historic Banquet

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Bellows Low pressure bellows Wind chest
Wind chest for registers Box with preliminary valves Akkordion
Xylophone Drum Dumpling-eater arm
Organ with historic Banquet

In contrast to my "small" barrel organs, this organ is a pneumatic instrument whose music is produced by paper rolls (similar to a player-piano), and which is much more costly to construct. It is more suitable for larger museums and collections. The organ can be driven either by a hand crank, or electrically. Three musical instruments are built into the organ: the organ mechanism, an accordion and a xylophone, which through register-commands, can be played individually or together (unison). In addition, the instruments can be played in a split-mode, i.e., the deep organ octave can accompany the high accordion octave. The organ mechanism and the accordion require compressed air. The pneumatic scanning of the paper rolls, the control system, the xylophone and the percussion mechanism require low-pressure air.

The group of figurines which bears the designation "Historic Banquet" contains many surprises. The dumpling-eater, which is a popular figurine on Black Forest clocks, was technically improved, and it swallows "real" dumplings, which by means of an elaborate mechanism, are returned to the spoon. The other figurines accompany the music rhythmically. The rhythm (percussion) instruments are located beneath the figurines and are activated by low pressure bellows. Movement of the figurines is achieved by separate low pressure bellows.

The man at the left strikes his head with a spoon, and at the same moment a sounding board (temple block( (high) is struck. The lady to the left noisily places the lid onto a pot while cymbals clash. The lady to the right drums on a pot with two spoons (drum sound). The man to the right strikes his head (deep sounding board) (temple block). The lady on the right and the man on the left nod their heads in time to the music.

Other sounds and actions are: The calf moos, the bird in the pan twitters, the devil looks out of the wine barrel and whistles, and the man on the right emits a flatus sound.

In the construction of these organs strong emphasis is placed on beautiful, original music. The arrangements and compositions are done by a musician who can meet the special desires of the customer. The paper rolls are punched in our factory.

Technical Data:
Pipework 118 wood pipes, 27 tones, C`- d``` chromatic
5 basses C D F G A with octave support
organ piano: 1 register open flutes (principal pipes)
organ forte: + 1 register stopped flutes (prospect pipes)
+ 1 register stopped flutes (Gavioli pipes)
(one octave and one fifth higher)
Accordion 27 tones (basic tones and octave)
Xylophone Xylophone with metal bars and sound-boards,
(temple blocks)(27 tones)
Percussion cow-bell, temple-block (sounding-board) (deep),
(rhythm) sounding-board temple block (high).
double cymbal (hi-hat), drum with two hammers.
(The figurine are operated pneumatically at the same time).
Effects cow mooing (read pipe with beating tongue)
flatus sound (reed pipe with beating tongue)
devil’s vioce (piston-pipe)
bird sounds (pipe with wheel which produces a quavering sound
Suction Air 250mm (water column), two-chamber bellows
(Low pressure)
Compressed Air + 100mm for the whistles
(High pressure) + 80mm for the accordion
four-chamber bellows
Primary Pneumatic 44 small valves (Welte)
9 preliminary valves, large (Welte-Leible) for register switching
Paper width 190mm, 56 holes
Weight 110kg
Dimensions width, 110cm; height, 95cm; depth, 85cm
Materials housing: cherry; figurines: lime (linden) wood
whistles: maple, pine; bellows: sheep leather, rubberized cloth
The instruments are selected by air-valves, the organ works by sliders.
1. Cymbal of right woman’s pot lid.
2. Bell of left mans drink container.
3. Calf’s voise beating read pipe.
4. Temple block of left man.
5. Mechanism of dumpling-eater.
6. Valve box low-pressure air for
7. "Flatus sound" pipe beating
reed pipe of right man.
8. Temple block of right man.
9. Piston whistle of devil.
10. Drum of woman on right.
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Total hours for construction: 1 person 1550 hours.
Price on request !
The costs for shipping and packing are not included in the purchase price.
They are to be paid separately.